Types Of Pallet Truck

All You Need To Know About Types Of Pallet Truck And Their Uses

A mobile cart called a pallet truck is required when it comes to moving pallets. The truck’s tapering prongs slide below the pallet, and the pump lever may subsequently be utilized to lift the payload.

They are usually found in factories, storage rooms, and other places wherein wood pallets are routinely employed.


Standard Hand Truck

A typical pallet truck called a manual pallet jack can transport up to 5000kg of goods.

Furthermore, its easy functioning allows customers to transport huge and heavy goods. Nevertheless, it eats up workers’ energy since they have to lift the hand pallet physically.

As a result, the narrow pallet jack is highly recommended for moving big loads over short distances.

Low Profile Pallet Jack

The low-profile pallet truck appears identical to a regular pallet jack, yet a part of its distinguishing qualities is the low clearance.

In particular, low-profile wooden pallets and skids benefit from their utilization. This is better adapted for whenever a regular hand pallet jack would not fit.

pallet truck

Pallet Truck Made of Stainless Steel

Created from stainless steel, Bullmax seems to have a pallet jack that could endure moisture and rust.

Therefore, whether you’re in the agricultural, pharma, chemicals, foods, or healthcare industries, this hand truck is the right fit for you.

Electric Hand Pallet Truck

An electrical pallet jack is substantially more productive than a conventional pallet truck, with no significant cost variation.

This simple variant of a motorized pallet jack eases movement in limited locations. There are additional controls for raising and lowering it and a safety button.

Two variants are offered with a bit of variance in the handle, but both can bear 1500kg effortlessly.

How to use

The first step in moving a load with a pallet truck is to put it on a pallet and constrain it with the appropriate load restraint items (e.g., lashing straps).

The pallet truck prongs may be slipped into the spaces supplied for this purpose after your load has been constrained. Using the pump-action handle, you may raise the pallet into the air.

Wrapping up

Pallet pump trucks make it simple to transfer cargo about your facilities while removing many dangers involving heavy hauling.

Whenever operating a pallet jack, ensure that everything seems ready and working by glancing around. You may need to search for problems like loosened prongs, uneven wheels, or charging wires that aren’t packed securely.

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