Best Cryptocurrency To Invest in 2018 - For Beginner

Best Cryptocurrency To Invest in 2018 – For Beginner

You know that in recent years there have been many cryptsources in the market. Therefore, in this situation, most investors confuse investments in the digital currency, initially, this confusion. I have an investment idea to invest in Cryptocurrency, I have a good experience in digital currency, and I have some ideas. How to judge any currency that will be better for the future or not.

The five best currencies for investment


Bitcoin – A World Cryptocurrency number one. At this moment, I hope anyone knows Bitcoin, but here I would like to share some details about it. Bitcoin was launched on March 1, 2009, by Satoshi Nakamoto, who is the CEO and founder of Bitcoin, who lives in Japan.

 When Bitcoin came to Bitcoin price of Bitcoin market price can be $ 0.05, the price increases from time to time now, more recently, in December 2018 spent bitcoin $19,000, which was a great moment I’ve seen in my life.

That is why Bitcoin is back to its normal position, but it will grow again very soon, so it is an excellent opportunity to invest in a bitcoin since it is available at the lowest prices.



According to CoinCompareEtereum – Second cryptocurrency popularity in the world, an expert in digital currency says that this will be the second bitcoin, due to its technology and team of great developers.

Ethereum was launched on August 30, 2015. When it came to the cryptocurrency market, at that time its price was $0.67 on March 8, 2018. Ethereum’s price is $748, so you can judge This currency, which must be invested or not.


Litecoin – For digital currency and an open source project. It was released on October 13, 2011, six years ago by Charlie Lee, is the CEO and founder of Litecoin.

After a lengthy study, I discovered that Litecoin is the safest cryptographic currency in the world. The main reason for security is almost all commercial exchanges, including Binance, Bittrex, YouBit, and others.


Ripple (XRP) was released on February 2, 2013, by Brad Garlinghouse. He is the general manager and the founder of coded-currency waves.

Everyone was afraid of the cryptocurrency pulsation due to this price. Several months passed. I knew about it, although it is terrible for ripple investors (XRP), I also lost $300 in Ripple cryptocurrency, but now I believe it. I hope to start growing again.


Antshares (NEO) cryptocurrency – It’s smart economics; I thought it was the most powerful cryptocurrency. This year, every digital currency is dying, but I saw Antshares (NEO). This does not give a significant loss to your investor, so I found it safe. Visit  to get the one that suits you.

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