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Do Not Get Cheated On, Know Your Coins’ Value

Becoming a collector of coins after running into a limited coin on the ground changes you. After searching for “coin collector near me” in Google, you sold it to a nearby at a very high price.

You may want to check out “coin collector near me” online, right away. But, do you really know how much a special coin is? Do you know the differences between all coins and how much you should get them for? Did you know the condition of the coin also matters?

Check out this list below to see what you need to know.

  1. Do Some Research: Know the Origin and Date of the Coin

You must know what exactly you have to be able to sell it a good and proper price. Coins made during modern times have both the dates issued and its origin somewhere at the front or back.

In case the coin is foreign or does not look familiar, refer to a book or website about coins around the world. Images are provided which you can match the coins with. And not only that, if the coins have no printed dates, these references can also help. Researching about general areas broaden the search and can narrow down the choices.

  1. Do Some Research: Examine the Condition of the Coin

As mentioned earlier, the condition of a coin is also very important. If a coin is of good quality (spotless, undented) then it can sell at a higher value. That is in comparison to those with blemishes and dirt.

The ratings of the coins vary from “mint” which is considered perfect, to “poor” if it contains dirt or is damaged. But, if you think a coin you have is valuable but is little “poor”, best not to clean or fix it yourself. Bring it to an expert, have them repair it to its “mint” condition. Note, however, it a severely damaged coin is brought to the shop, the rate, as you guessed it, is much lower.

coin dealers near me

  • Check for References: Find a Value Book

There are some books that can help determine the value of your coins. Such as Standard Catalogue of World Coins and Guide Book of United States Coins. Listed below are some of what you can in the book:

  • “Book” value (how much is the accepted value)
  • “Buy” value (acquiring amount of dealer)
  • Retail value (how much a dealer will sell it for)
  • Wholesale value (how much a dealer will sell to another dealer, most especially when given in a bulk)
  • Check for References: Value Lists on Online are Available

There are websites that give out value listings of coins for free. Professional Numismatics Guild, a professional organization, is a good place to start. You can consult with the site about the date and origin which can help you determine its current value. But remember that the condition still affects what is written on the lists.

  1. Do Your Research: Prepared for Factors that Affect the Value

Coins may have a certain price written on it. But depending on the demand and how rare it is, it can sell for a high price, maybe higher than its original amount. But if you have a coin, no matter how low the “book” value may say it is worth, if it is “mint”, then it could be sold at a higher price.

It can be tedious to find out how valuable a certain coin is but it will be worth it. If you are a coin collector then you will glad to have gotten such a rare and maybe worthless coin. You can even frame it and hang it above your fireplace. But if you are just in it to sell it, then there is some good money in it.

So go here to U.S. Coins and Jewelry. You will be sure to find the best appraisers and deals for that valuable coin.

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