How can you get a chance when applying to PR Singapore?

Everyone likes to have a good quality of life. When you are looking for the right place to stay, Singapore is the ideal place for you. The standard of living in Singapore is getting the attention of people who are ready to pay even it is expensive. It will measure through its entertainment, education, housing, health care, transportation, and taxes. The same rules are essential for foreigners and expatriates that are searching for a place that can open a new career. When you are  Looking for a Singapore PR application service provider that never compromises on the quality? The Immigration People is your #1 choice. These are the tips that can help you to have easier processing to become a permanent residency in the place.

Essential documents need to be checked off

You may worry about missing documents or you have a lot of documents to process. You need to have a checklist where you can secure what documents you need to process before you can submit. And all the documents have to be English since it is the official language of Singapore.

Request as a family

When your children or spouse are not a resident in Singapore you need to apply for your permanent residency as a family. The ICA is taking that you are going to start new in this place and it might be the chance that your application will get approval. It is because Singapore’s aging population is higher. You will have a high chance to get approved when you are applying together as a family.

Show that you are the best candidate

When you like to pursue to live in Singapore you have to make a cover letter. And during the application process, you have to outshine compared to other candidates. You can outrank the other candidates by showing the necessary factors.

Looking for a Singapore PR application service provider that never compromises on the quality? The Immigration People is your #1 choice.


When it is not your first time applying for the application in Singapore and you get a rejection letter after a year. You can re-apply again for the Permanent Residency. After you have received the rejection letter it is not advisable that you are going to re-apply as it may not be good. You need to give a certain time before you can apply again your application. During a certain time, you can make use to plan your application.

Get consultancy services

You dont have to use any consultancy services while you are applying for a Permanent Residency. But many people are interested to be approved.  Most applicants are rejected because they are unfamiliar with the processes which can lose their chance to live in Singapore. With skilled consultants, they will know what is the usual problem in the application that can risk your chances of getting approval. With their help, it has a higher chance to get approved in your application.

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