Hosted Business Class Exchange

How to Find a Hosted Business Class Exchange

Considering all the arguments in favor of switching to a cloud-based mail solution, many small and medium-sized enterprises are currently considering placing a hosted exchange. But as they deepen, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to choose a supplier, and not another. And, as is usually the case in the IT industry, most of the arguments are so technically detailed that they cause more doubt and uncertainty, and do not help small and medium-sized business owners.

In fact, the SMB administrator will not “take care” that the hosted exchange migration solution integrates LDAP, nor does it have other technical terms that are understood only by IT professionals. So, in this article, let’s take simple terms that will help you, as the owner of a small and medium business, choose a Hosted Exchange service provider.

So, let’s clarify everything from the very beginning: first you must determine what features you want to use in your email system; In the end, you and your employees will use it daily so that you have a clear idea of ​​what you want. Fortunately, this can be the easiest part, because in most cases you need the following: a reliable email solution that allows you to work from anywhere, anytime, and from any device. Simple, right?

Hosted Business Class Exchange

So, as a manager, what to look for when choosing an Exchange hosting provider at the enterprise level?

  1. The migration process: this, in my honest opinion, is one of the biggest obstacles that must be addressed correctly. The office 365 business essentials hk Hosted Exchange provider must provide a clear and easy-to-implement migration solution. No matter what your current email system is, they should provide a solution that will make the migration process as simple as possible, and you should be sure to get all the support you need to get started.
  1. Reliability: this is the place where you can play a paranoid client and see how the Hosted Exchange provider will solve your problems. Make a worst-case scenario and see if they are ready to handle it. Think of things like the following: what happens if a natural disaster arrives at your office? How soon can they post it online and get back to work? A very powerful virus spreads over the Internet: ask them how secure their emails are and how likely they are to affect you as a user.
  1. Support: along with my previous point, play again with the paranoid client and check the quality of your support. Ask them how likely it is that you can quickly solve your problem if you woke up at 1 am and you have problems with e-mail.
  1. Availability: Check availability and prices so mobility can access your email while traveling. You want to have access to your e-mail from a regular laptop or from a public Internet cafe. But first of all, as smartphones become more and more popular, check the availability of the smartphone to your email.
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