Practical Tips for A Smooth Moving Day

Practical Tips for A Smooth Moving Day

Moving is not easy and it is not something that you look forward to. The only thing that keeps you motivated is the sight of your new home or the idea of a fresh start. Many people commit moving day mistakes. There are many things to do, which makes moving day stressful.

To help you prepare and avoid mistakes that will cost more time and money, you can consider the following tips for a smooth moving day:

Decide whether to get professional movers or not
When you are due to move anytime soon, the most important decision that you need to make is whether to hire ponte vedra movers or you try moving on your own. It is important that you decide carefully because it can make or break the experience. When making a decision, consider factors like money, safety, time and more importantly, peace of mind.

Set a moving calendar
Keep in mind that professional services will literally do the heavy lifting. You are still left with one thing – packing. With this, it is crucial that you follow a stern schedule. Make a schedule that will help you achieve tasks in a sensible manner.

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Make an inventory of your home
Before packing, the first thing that you should do is to go through every room and check your items or belongings. In this way, you can make an inventory. While this task is time-consuming, it can benefit you at the end of the day. The detailed inventory list can help you sort out possessions. It can also help you create a packing list and more importantly, you can keep track of your belongings throughout the move. You have to do this even if it is exhausting.

Get rid of unimportant stuff
When shipping is involved, you have to keep in mind that the weight of the shipment will have an impact on the final bill. If you have fewer items, the less money you will pay in the end. Now that you have an inventory list, mark down the items that are unimportant or not worth moving. There are two options here – donate or sell. If you donate, contact local charities. If you sell, you can consider a garage sale or online.

Initiate the packing
It is time that you start packing. This is the most-exhausting part. When packing, tackle the room that is hardest to pack or the room with many things. Keep in mind that packing is not a job for a single person. It is important that you get help from other family members or if you plan to have stress free packing, you can consider professional packers.

Think about your kids and pets
If you are moving with a child, it is a bit complicated. You will worry about their safety because of the relocation action. When the day has come, the best thing to do is to keep your children and pets away from the action.

Inform friends and family about the change of information
Make sure that you already informed your friends and family about your new contact information. Do not forget to tell your utilities like cable, telephone, Internet, and electricity about the move.

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