Facts about bitcoins

Process of Earning Free Bitcoin – Is It Possible?

Bitcoin has been the best long-term investment from last some years.  However, what if you cannot risk your money to buy the volatile asset? Instead of purchasing Bitcoin, you have to try out following ways and earn free Bitcoin.

Shop on internet to get free Bitcoin

The bitcoin cashback services allow you earn Bitcoin rewards while you are shopping on internet. Process is quite simple. First step is just to download the browser extension. After that whenever you make any purchase on that website of supported retailer, the website will confirm the Bitcoin cashback. After purchase return time is over, they may send your bitcoin earnings into your wallet.

Bitcoin mining

Bitcoin mining is the most competitive and economic activity, however, normally speaking, it’s the best option to get Bitcoin in case you have an access to the cheap electricity. Essentially, bitcoin mining is the process where electricity will be converted to the cryptocurrency. For several areas in this world where the cryptocurrency exchanges are totally banned, and nonexistent and inaccessible, bitcoin mining will be an only option to get it.

Facts about bitcoins

Read Books to Get Free Bitcoins

Paying people for playing easy games & complete some repetitive jobs appears like the best way to attract many users and, advertisers. However, there are many bitcoin faucets that compete for users & advertisers’ attention, and making it tough to be different from the crowd. The users do not rely on the faucets as main source of their income, thus, many times, small bitcoin reward is not enough to coax in doing some boring tasks during the free time.

Write About Cryptocurrency and Earn Bitcoins

Some cryptocurrency blogs, forums and news outlets can pay you in BTC for contributing your insights & write for them, in case you have good knowledge about this industry. You will find article writing posts for crypto blogs & news outlets on the job boards. There are some popular cryptocurrency forums that provide monetization opportunities to the established members – and companies will advertise the product and service in signature of these posts. As advertisers generally wish to partner with the top-ranked members, since forum increases the members’ rank based from their activity, they make it impossible to spam the way up from lowest rank of the Newbie to highest rank of the Legendary Member. As only way to increase the rank and get free bitcoins is providing the best quality of posts.

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