Retirement planning

Retirement planning is challenging, and many people don’t have anything set aside.

We all dream of retiring to a cosy home by the lake, spending long hours in nature with our loved ones, visiting tourist destinations, or pursuing a hobby that has always held a special place in our hearts. In addition to creating jobs for seniors and a list of things to do after retirement, many people find themselves running out of activities or missing their job’s social connection. In addition to providing a sense of fulfilment and keeping many lonely hours at bay, a job after retirement is a viable solution to all of the above concerns.

It is important to consider more than the lifestyle benefits of working after retirement, as there are also financial and social benefits. It may not be possible for us to go as far as Shahrukh Khan did in the jobs for seniors movie Swades – bringing electricity to marginalised villages in India – but when it comes to contributing to society, we need not limit ourselves to the scale. It’s all about using our best skills and being open to learning new tricks.

Retirement savings

Our efforts may also benefit the next generation, as they may learn from what we do. You can enjoy the satisfaction of helping others by interacting with those less fortunate, joining worthwhile causes, or simply doing work that can reap something good. As we reach retirement age, we will likely become overly involved with our friends and family’s lives. Working for an NGO as a cook, substitute teacher, tax consultant, or driver is possible.

It becomes increasingly important for our children to fulfil their career goals, while we tend to lose touch with many colleagues. Involvement in a new job allows us to meet new people, work with a team, and even meet people with similar interests and goals. Interacting with people is not just a great way to spend our time, but it allows us to gain a lot of experience and learn something interesting.

Our general health declines as we get older, affecting our daily lives. Living a sedentary life further increases our health concerns. Doctors recommend changing our diet and doing light exercise daily to prevent chronic diseases. Working after retirement includes keeping the body active, reducing our physical dependences, and preventing physical illnesses.

A WHO study found moderate-intensity physical activity like walking improves muscle, bone, and cardiorespiratory fitness. In other words, consider all the physical activities involved in working – commuting to and from the workplace, moving around the office, and other mechanical activities. These could serve as a blessing in disguise for you.

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