Some Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Promotional Video

Promotional videos can serve a variety of purposes for your company and business. You might want to educate visitors on the values and visions of the business, introduce products to them, explain how a service works, or to introduce a new product or service to the public. Promotional videos are huge in concept and here are some reasons why your company needs one.

  • Eclipsing the competition: With the use of promotional videos you are giving your customers a glimpse into the workings of your business, and this lets you have an edge over other companies who have not been as transparent. When the time comes to choosing a company, yours will be favored because of your transparency.
  • Humanizing the brand: When you use real people, company workers in your promotional videos, you are giving a face to the words and images that are up there on your website. By including the human element, you are actively encouraging enhanced interaction with your company.
  • Enhanced traffic: When you have a website, it is easy to get lost in words and images when promoting the product or service in questions. Studies have however shown that the vast majority of people actually prefer viewing a promotional video instead of reading about it. If you want increased interaction with your audience, go for promotional videos.

  • Easy terminology: For businesses which are service based, it can be difficult to describe to customers what you do or why your service is the best. Including a promotional video that covers these angles will help customers better understand your business and that translates into more footfalls and increased business opportunities. You are both simplifying your business and using a language that your audience understands.
  • Breaking into the market: When your company is new, it can be difficult to maintain visibility through traditional channels like print and paid commercials. If you have a website, as most business owners do, a promotional video is the best method of getting your message across to your target audience. Search engines also favor videos, and you can make an impact in the early days quite effectively.
  • Shareable content: Potential users are all active on their mobile phones. If you have interesting and shareable content, your viewers will tend to like and share your videos. This is akin to word of mouth and it is very good for your business. People will not just talk about your product; they will interact with your videos and spread the word far and wide.
  • SEO improves: Search engine metrics indicate that users spend a longer time on websites that have videos than on ones with just print and pictures. If you include promotional videos on your website, viewers will spend a longer time on it and there are increased chances of conversions.

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