Buffalo Coin Value

The Various Types Of Nickels – READ HERE!

            Not every individual is aware that there are different types of coins – through the years, it evolves and changes into something perhaps better, and the old ones are replaced by currencies that are less or more their worth. But worry not, most coins develop value through time – part of which are nickels. In this article, you are going to read more about the various types of nickels, just like the 1936 buffalo nickel.

Common Types of Nickels

Shield Nickel Series (1866–1883)

While Shield nickels are not one of the most common coins found in the U.S., some of the rarer dated versions that carry considerable value, shield nickels were made at one mint only (Philadelphia) and as a result, have no mint mark. And a fixed date will consist only of seventeen coins.

Liberty Head Series (1883–1912)

Despite its reverse nature, the Liberty Head nickel is also referred to as the “V” nickel. The history is rich with mistakes and controversies in development. The job of producing the template was the chief engraver at the Mint Charles E. Barber, and vast quantities were created for almost thirty years. The mint applied the term “cents” to the reverse of the coin after some started to gold-plate the coin, passing it off as five-dollar pieces of gold. In the first year of development, the omission led to two varieties.

The Buffalo Nickel Series (1913)

The nickel series Buffalo has been minted for 25 years and serves as a symbol of American coinage. This was one of the first U.S. coins with a design that portrayed scenes of the country’s ancestral origins — one side featured a Native American, and the other side of the coin featured a buffalo standing atop a natural landscape. It is hugely popular among collectors today. Naturally, those in outstanding condition will be worth more than those in bad condition. Although Buffalo nickels, generally speaking, appear rarer and more valuable the older they are, age is not the sole determining factor of the value of the Buffalo Nickel. The ones that are carefully stored from the first few years of minting are highly sought after.

Buffalo Coin Value

Jefferson Nickel Series (1938)

The Jefferson nickel series is the longest-running of the five-cent denomination, and the original version has been in use for more than six decades without any significant changes. This features a portrait of Thomas Jefferson and is the third American coinage series to portray an ex-president. Regardless of its lengthy period, both beginner and experienced collectors are fascinated by this series. Earlier dates of the series are in circulation, but the assembly of a set of gem-condition coins with well-defined strikes has an equally challenging aspect.

Critical parameters in value determination

Use a magnifying glass to check the quality and mint marks of a coin, and collectors can better assess the overall value of their nickels and help distinguish rare varieties.

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