Custom Acrylic Awards

Types of Awards and Trophies

From years Trophies have stood as the markers of achievement and success. Trophies and awards are the best way to honor any person or a group of people. Trophies and the Awards are the very wonderful way that allows an individual to get recognized for their hard work. Trophies and awards come in the endless variety of the shapes, styles, materials and different range of price.

Types of Trophies and Awards

Acrylic Trophies- Acrylic Trophy is one of the best awards when it comes to recognition and is also the best for the traditional glass or the crystal trophy. Most of the companies create Custom Acrylic Awards in which the shape of the Award is similar to the shape of the product they manufacture. They also engraved their logo on these Custom Acrylic awards which are often done to promote their business

Plaques:- They are available in the variety of the different configurations. The plaques with insert option have an icon of the sport that is mounted on the Plaque with the place for some personalized engraving. There is one more kind of Plaques named picture plaques that have a place to insert the photo of the team and the Individual

Resin Trophies. These types of trophies are available in very interesting designs and have a very Life like detail. These trophies are made from the products derived from petroleum. The price of these trophies always fluctuates on the price of oil.

Custom Acrylic Awards

Economy Trophies and Awards: – These types of trophies are considered to be as the cheap trophies and awards or are considered as the Inexpensive trophies. These types of trophies and awards are very simple in design and consist of the very small base and column.

Championship Trophies:- Championship trophies are for the winning teams and have the multi-column designs. These trophies are larger in size and are various for various events

Participation Trophies and Awards:-. Participation Trophies consist of the plastic figurine which is in the shape of the sports team player or the icon of the sport and the activity. The base of the trophy is basically made up of the plastic, marble and the wood.

Perpetual Trophy: It is a specific type of the championship trophy that is an annual award. These types of trophies are very large in size and are also known as the traveling trophies.  Perpetual trophies are used to commemorate the event that occurs typically annually, on the regular basis and the list of the winner of the award and the year in which the individual has won that event. These trophies are one of the most expensive Trophies that are available in the market although they are worth because they are given to the champions.

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