Valuing Your Coins And Finding The Right Buyer

Valuing Your Coins And Finding The Right Buyer

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Understanding Coin Value

Keep in mind that value and price are two different things so never put your coins up for sale until you have a solid understanding of their value. An amount that you would get if you yourself were selling it is called value while the price is a measure of what you would pay to a dealer. There may be no absolute number in knowing your coins value but the date, mintmark, and condition of your coins will provide valuable clues. You can likewise weigh your gold coins to decide their AGW or Actual Gold Weight, at that point duplicate that number by the present estimation of gold per ounce to get theirs soften or scrap value, which will enable you to decide the least value you ought to acknowledge and don’t accept anything dramatically beneath the melt value. When determining your base price, rarity or desirability of the coin are some of the factors to be considered. You would then be able to isolate your gathering as indicated by low, medium, and high coin values.

Where to Sell Silver and Gold Coins

  1. Local dealers – look for local reputable dealers that actually advertise themselves as coin specialists and skip the junk dealers and pawnshops.
  2. Coin shows – local coin shows are an extraordinary spot to discover proficient dealers who perceive value when they see it. Approach your locale’s coin club for data of future coin shows in your area.
  3. Rare coin auction – auctions that attract serious collectors can be right up your alley if you have rare coins to sell.
  4. Direct sales to collectors – a collector will likely pay top dollar if you know you have something special.
  5. eBay – eBay may appear to be a helpful method to move coins on the web, you should be aware of an uninformed pool of buyers who may make it impossible for you to command a decent price.
  6. Online coin dealers – in case you’re selling gold and silver coins, pick an online dealer who has some expertise in those valuable metals.

You have plenty of venues for selling your gold and silver coins and make sure you select the perfect dealer.


Best Practices to Sell Coins Online

Here are a few best practices for getting the possible best prices for gold and silver coins online:

  • Take a good picture – it will be more appealing and easy to evaluate your coin will be to prospective buyers if you have a clearer picture in your post.
  • Determine coin weight and value – determine the AGW in the event that you intend to sell gold coins, to decide a minimum base cost.
  • Shop around – until you have collected several different offers to choose from, do not take anyone dealer’s offer.

You can sell gold and silver coins with confidence once you understand coin values and align yourself with the best coin dealers who will pay the highest prices.

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