A guide to Bitcoin Transaction-A digital revolution

A guide to Bitcoin Transaction-A digital revolution

How Bitcoin evolution occurred?

Not many actually are aware of Bitcoin as it’s about sixteen years old and it’s very difficult to understand. Bitcoin is the popular digital currency that exactly follows the rules of cryptography helps in generating the currency units.Cryptocurrency also known as digital currency has no physical state but it exists as units and after emerging Bitcoin, this digital currency has gained more popularity. To get more access to electronic cash system, an unknown man named Satoshi created Bitcoin in 2009.It is completely a decentralized system as it has no single authority or the server to control the whole transaction system. The cryptocurrency of Bitcoin transaction is Bitcoins. Generally there are many cases of unconfirmed transactions of Bitcoin rising in the present days. So many had question in their mind about how to speed up my unconfirmed Bitcoin transaction? Generally if the Bitcoin transactions are unconfirmed for forty eight hours, you need to check for transaction fee which may be low.

how to speed up my unconfirmed Bitcoin transaction

How the Bitcoin works?

Bitcoin is completely unseen money where one needs no bank to store it. The Bitcoin value can be increased over the years as the trading and can be traded. It can be stored in individual wallet and can be transferred from one person to other person wallet. This transactions from one wallet to another forms the blockchain, where the history of all transactions can be seen. The working of Bitcoins can be explained with steps:

  1. As there are many websites for Bitcoin transcations, one can enter into it, create account and can request for a transaction. The Bitcoin address should be shared with your friends for starting a transaction.
  2. The requested transactions are then sent to the computer networks known as nodes. Generally the balance in this process is known as blockchain where all the confirmed transactions can be seen.
  3. The transaction of the user status is found correct by the well known algorithms. Here the transaction may involve cryptocurrency, records or any other information.
  4. The miners then validate the user’s transactions by adding blocks to the blockchain by cryptography and confirm the transaction. This process is referred as mining.
  5. For every transaction the blocks are added to the existed blockchain and thus the transaction is completed.

But the increased case of unconfirmed transactions worries many by questioning themselves: how to speed up my unconfirmed Bitcoin transaction? To answer this first one has to check their Bitcoin wallet for the available fee paid to miners. Miners only pick and transacts only possible amount is available in the wallet. Alternate to this, one can use other software like Bitcoin accelerator to make your Bitcoin transactions faster at free of cost. Go cashless!

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