All about Best Water Softeners

Softening water has become very important in daily life. It is necessary to make sure the water we use is clean and free from chemical pollutants. If it is in house or in a company softening of water plays a major role in daily routine.

It is better to use water softeners for this purpose. There are numerous products available in the market to soften water. But it becomes a hard job to choose the best water softener. One must make use of water softener reviews when choosing the product online. Please check for the ratings, performance, and even quality of the water produced by water softener when choosing the product. For more information on water softeners one can also refer www.softwaterlab.com.

Here are some types of for water softening systems.

Majority of the water softeners either use potassium or sodium for removing the hardness of water. Based on individual’s preference one can chose the water softener system. Some of the types are

  • Salt based water softeners
  • Salt free water softeners
  • Magnetic water softeners
  • Electronic water softeners
  • Chelation water softeners

The salt based products for usually designed to do the job in RVs and mobile homes. Most of the products work on ion exchange. There are mostly free from chemical technologies. Salt is used in these products instead of Iron, Magnesium, and Calcium. This usually comes with 2 tanks. One is mineral tank and the other is salt storage. Other than this there will be control system. The water supply will be in connection with control valve.


These water softeners are most suitable for whole house system. They can provide quality water for all household usage. They can be installed such a way that the main water entering the house itself is treated. These have capacity to remove minerals from water completely. As soon as installing the water softener, it is possible to see the change in the quality of water.

The main thing to remember here is water may be little salty when you install this type of water softener. This type of system is not recommended for people who are on salt restricted diet. Even though these systems are very popular they are not available for lesser price.

On the other hand, one can choose salt free systems if the customer is concerned about amount of salt in water. So, it is good news that salt free systems are available. Some systems make use of potassium in place of salt. When customer needs a whole house system and they don’t want to go for salt based systems then this is the best choice.

Just like salt based systems these systems are healthy in nature. Comparatively potassium based water softening systems are healthier than salt based counterparts. But users must remember that these systems can be very expensive. This is because potassium chloride is expensive. Like the water produced by salt based systems, even potassium based systems produce water with different taste. Some people may not like this.

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