Australia Family Visa Processing Time And Different Types Of Australian Visas

Members of the family of Australian civilians or perpetual residents can accompany them on a temporary or everlasting basis with an Australian Family Visa. It allows family individuals to reside in Australia alongside their close relatives. A member of the family who is sponsored must offer adequate finances for the first two years of settling in Australia. In specific cases, authorities may seek a formal contract or Guarantee of Assistance for familial visa applications.

Family Visas in Australia are available in a variety of forms.

It is created for Australian lasting residents’ spouses, parents, kids, and relatives to advocate their families for lifelong visas. Endorsing family members to relocate to Australia via this visa class is the simplest method to adhere to Australian legislation, customs, and limits on immigration. If you want to register within this class, you must first select the appropriate visa. Visa for a Visit to Australia with Family or Friends The visa charge per individual is Rs.8,306. Usually, the australia family visa processing time ranges between 10-15 days.

Visa Type for Parents

Parents can reside in the nation with their contributing kids under the Parental Visa choice. Parent Immigration has been divided into two categories depending on whether you petition from beyond or within Australia.

  • Subclasses 103 & 804 of the Elderly Parent Visa (Outside Australia)

The Australian administration has developed Visa 103 for elderly parents or dependents living in Australia as legal residents, citizens, or NZ citizens. This parental visa is designed for individuals who remain at least 65 years old and eligible to receive an Australian annuity.

  • Subclass 804 Elderly Parent Immigration (In Australia)

The Aged Parental Visa Subtype 804 would be for candidates who petition onshore while temporarily residing in Australia. This parental visa is designed for individuals who seem to be at least 65 years old and eligible to receive an Australian annuity.

australia family visa processing time

Visa for minors

The kid must be under 18 and unmarried to qualify for the Child visa class. A child could enroll from both within and beyond Australia and be sponsored by a member of the family or relative, or friend who lives in Australia.

Category of Partner/Spouse Immigration

Partner Immigration is for the partner or fiancée of any Australian native or legal resident.

  • Subclass 300: Potential Marriage Visa

If you have a spouse who is an Australian native, genuine Australian occupant, or qualified New Zealander, you can live in Australia under Subclass 300. In Australia, you are permitted to settle down and reside with them.

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