Cyberbullying Its Impact On Education And How To Stop It

Cyberbullying: Its Impact On Education And How To Stop It

Bullying nowadays is not anymore limited to kids teasing others at school, or playing pranks on them. With the rise of technology usage, bullying has become more rampant and this is what we call cyberbullying.’ This has affected millions of teens and adults all over the world. In this generation, social interaction through the internet and using mobile phones has been the primary form of communication. This is the reason why awareness of cyberbullying is continuously being addressed because of its impact on education in pupils.

What Is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is the use of electronic communication through cell phones, computers, and tablets in order to bully an individual. This can involve sending intimidating messages to a person or maybe in a threatening nature. Aside from text messaging, this can also occur through apps, social media platforms, forums, and even gaming sites where people would be able to view your profile, share content, and participate in. Cyberbullying may include sending, posting, sharing false, mean, or harmful content about another person that can cause embarrassment and humiliation. Cyberbullying is already considered as an unlawful or criminal behavior.

Negative Effects Of Cyberbullying On Children 

Fear is one of the consequences of cyberbullying. This overwhelms especially the lives of pupils. These children can give in to anxiety and the constant worry of “what if’s.” This is the reason why teenage depression is very common for this generation and it can result in personality disorders.


According to the 2011 survey conducted by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), over 15,000 weapons were recovered from cyberbullied victims at schools in the United States alone. Over 7% of the school communities were injured or maybe threatened by weapons of both cyberbullying victims and the bullies themselves. The survey also tells that 20% of the students reported that they have been victims of cyberbullying by their schoolfellows.

Cyberbullying Effects On Education

Lacking self-awareness and the absence of self-respect is common in students who have experienced cyberbullying. These false opinions from other people become their own in the long run. Their personal opinion about themselves will all be negative. This can result in poor performance at school because these students will find themselves that they are not good enough, or they will feel that they lack in the certain potential for them to carry out school activities.

These kids who were once active in school, they will start to mellow down and will not participate in competitions like plays, sports, debates, speeches, and so much more. Their confidence levels will take a nosedive and these are commonly portrayed through their silence inside the classroom when asked a question by their teachers even though they know the answer.

Stop Cyberbullying Today! 

Cyberbullying victims will often avoid interactions with their bullies at school which can be the reason for them to skip school. The community has a very important role when it comes to preventing the prevalence of cyberbullying. We can do something about it. In our own simple ways, do something to stop the bullies. Parents should be aware of this situation to help their children overcome this difficult phase in their lives.

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