Know all about the fun coin investment

FunFair is a blockchain-based internship that free administrators must use under a permission plan. The organization says its structure will have more uniform cash storage and withdrawal structure and better speed and lower exchange costs than other making money stages.

About FunFair

FunFair’s blockchain-based innovation will allow administrators to create and manage games that can be played on portable and desktop internet browsers with highlights worked on social sharing. Free administrators will want to make the selection of games and highlights. The local FunFair token is FUN, which is used for all exchanges on the stage.

The Fun Coins

17.1 billion Fun coins were pre-mined on June 23, 2017. These must be all Fun coins that will exist. Twenty-five percent of all fun coin made were given to buyers in the pre-sale of Phase 1. The first round, which started on June 22, 2017, raised about $ 11 million. For every 100 pre-order tokens, 66.6 Fun coins were made and distributed to FunFair originators and token pre-sale guides.

The Phase One Sale

After the Phase 1 agreement, the remaining 75%, or about 11 billion tokens, were placed in the FunFair Foundation Trust for a subsequent token agreement. However, as indicated by the organization’s blog, this second symbolic deal was cancelled. All things being equal, FunFair consumed 55% of the trust’s tokens on October 18, 2017. They say they will either continue to sell abundance tokens at an impressive rate or will consume them. FunFair also obtained more than $ 15 million in Bitcoin and other digital currencies from individual supporters, as well as institutional funds.

Cost Of Fun Coin

The cost of Fun coin differed during pre-sales, depending on when someone obtained them. During the first $ 5 million in tokens sold, 150 Fun coins were made for $ 1, estimating each Fun coin at about 0.06 cents. From that point on, 100 Fun coins were made for $ 1, or 1 cent for each token.


In all respects, the ICO seemed to be a triumph and raised the funds on which it focused. People won the ICO of the year at the Malta iGaming Awards. In any case, the plans for the Phase 2 symbolic agreement have been changed based on what was proposed before the ICO. Also, a considerable extent (more than 30%) of the tokens made was for authors and guides, who received the tokens from the business before FunFair made its foundation.

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