Modern Techniques Of Business Analysis Certification

Modern Techniques Of Business Analysis Certification

The role of business analysis certificationis fast changing today. A new program has been introduced to meet these changes that focus on a more personalized learning experience. With the help of badges and various certification programs, students and organizations can receive specializations that can benefit the role they play in an organization.

Badges and certification:

The new training program offers eight badges from four certification levels. As they progress, they earn a badge that defines their expertise at every level. The Essential Skills for Business Analysts also consists of the foundational skills that are necessary for every analyst, whatever be their project type or approach to development.

There are four certification levels:

Agile Analysis Practitioner, which identifies advanced ability to support agile project teams, bring about a change by recognizing the needs and ensuring solutions.

PO Practitioner looks at identifying advanced ability to support agile project teams, bringing about a change by recognizing the needs and ensuring solutions as well as successful management of the product pile-up.

BA Associate is one who identifies the primary ability to secure change and confirm valuable solutions.

BA Certified identifies an advanced ability to secure change and confirm valuable solutions.

Every badge is designed to work on a particular area of expertise. Badge selection is based on areas that need to be developed. These badges are an important part of the business analysis certification program.

Badges are given on receiving and implementing the knowledge at workshops or activities where the students demonstrate their skills. The hours they put in aren’t considered for the badges.

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Agile Analysis Badge: Given to students who demonstrate their skills of supporting agile teams, bringing about the required change by defining needs and guarantee valued solutions.

Analysis Planning Badge: The students holding this badge have exhibited their ability to estimate and keep a record of analysis efforts.

Business Rules Badge:The holders of this badge have displayed their skills to obtain, analyze, and model organizational business rules.

Data Analysis Badge: Students gifted with this badge expressed their ability to elicit, analyze, and model business data for a project or an enterprise, contributed towards business intelligence and assisted in data mining efforts.

Facilitation and Elicitation Badge: Badge holders have exhibited their skills toeffectively engage stakeholders and manage meetings using techniques they acquired in the training programs.

Functional Analysis Badge: These badge holders have displayed their ability to bring about change and ensure solutions by defining and modeling functional needs.

Process Analysis Badge: Badge holders have shown their skills in enabling change, ensuring requisite solutions by defining as well as modeling business capability and process needs.

Strategy and Solution Evaluation Badge:These badge holders have the skills to align organizational strategy, support solutions and ensure delivery of business value.

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