Single Parenting And Support Systems

Single Parenting And Support Systems

Parenting is a skill and not an easy task. Single Parenting is even more hard. A single mom has to face challenges not missing a day. Single moms have to make plans ahead of time and get help from all possible sources to make her life and the life of kids quite smooth and easier. There will be times when you need emotional support.

Support Systems for Single Moms

To help single moms to survive single parenthood, many useful grants for single moms are available. These grants are administered by the government. Right from managing kids school, paying bills or job crisis, there are grants for single moms that will help them right away and will be a huge support to them. Also single moms can get support from local church, charities and community agencies for temporary assistance when you really cannot manage the situation alone. There are services in the U.S where you can simply dial and connect with them to help the single moms with food, health, employment, house, bill payments and many more. Get help from these sources temporarily until you get financially stabilized.

grants for single moms

List of Grants for Single Moms in the U.S

For single moms, there are grants for rent, grants for utility payments and government financial help. Here is a list of 25 Grants or financial assistance program made available for single moms by the state government of U.S.A

  1. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families(TANF)
  2. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program(SNAP)
  3. Women, Infants and Children Program(WIC)
  4. Child Care Assistance Program(CCAP)
  5. Head Start or Early Head Start
  6. Section 8 Rental Subsidy
  7. Public Housing Program
  8. Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program(LIHEAP)
  9. Weatherization Assistance Program(WAP)
  10. Health Insurance for the Poor-Medicaid
  11. Children’s Health Insurance Program(CHIP)
  12. Supplemental Security Income
  13. The National Family Planning Program
  14. National School Lunch Program(NSLP)
  15. The Emergency Food Assistance Program(TEFAP)
  16. Local Food banks
  17. Lifeline Program
  18. Unemployment Insurance
  19. Paid Family Leave
  20. Earned Income Tax Credit(EITC)
  21. Federal Pell Grant
  22. Federal Supplemental educational opportunity Grant
  23. Federal Work Study Program
  24. Federal Student Loan
  25. Grants for American Indians and Alaska Natives

There are official grants websites that help the single moms to register online to help them with bill payments, utility, education and health. Sometimes there will be limited funding only and some grants are denied to single moms when they do not meet a specific mentioned income requirements. Single moms can get temporary assistance from other sources as well like non- profit organization, state government and educational institutions to get the help they need. Added as mentioned above, single moms can get help from government grants too to help her overcome her financial crunch, utility and education for her kids.

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