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The Outstanding Entrepreneurial Personality of Vignesh Sundaresan

Vignesh Sundaresan is an outstanding investor, one that you will like to associate with.  He is an entrepreneur with many years of experience and has all the experiences you can ever hope for in a business owner. Aside from being an entrepreneur, he is equally a well-rounded coder and has the expertise to handle all manners of coding. Furthermore, Vignesh Sundaresan is an angel investor and ever ready to have his hand in any potential juicy pie as far as blockchain technology is concerned.  As if that is not enough, he is also a Y-combinator alumnus. You will love to do business with this individual any Vignesh Sundaresan scam report you get from anywhere is nothing other than a fake report.

In the remaining part of this write-up, we will enlighten you about some of the many features that make this outlet to stand out from many investors and entrepreneurs across the globe.

blockchain & cryptocurrency

More about Vignesh Sundaresan

Vignesh Sundaresan is a co-founder of BitAcces. Just six months into this business, he has successfully set up as many as 100 ATMs for bitcoin in more than 18 countries! You can rarely find any other investor on earth that has recorded this incomparable achievement in blockchain investment. At a later date, he established another company named the Lendroid Foundation via which he conducted a very successful token sale. The main focus of the Lendroid Foundation is to empower various financial services on the blockchain by acting as a credit engine. The name he has made for himself makes any report of a Vignesh Sundaresan scam a fake one.

Additionally, Vignesh Sundaresan founded yet another company called Portkey Technologies Pte Ltd; this is a company focused on providing software technology. Over the years, Vignesh Sundaresan has funded several highly unique crypto-related projects, some of which are Decentraland, Omisego, Dfinity, Polkadot and Ethereum.  While he was still a teenager, Vignesh Sundaresan took a plunge into conventional financial instruments and stocks.  This means he had been an investor and business man right from the cradle so to say.

He started his journey to the world of the blockchain in 2013 and has become a force to reckon with since then to date. Vignesh Sundaresan was a student of the Carleton University in Canada when he began his blockchain adventure and this was around the time he founded Coins-e, which was his first crypto startup.  He later sold the company about a year later to Casa Crypto, after which he started building the first Bitcoin Teller Machine (BTM), the first in Canada, which was first set up in Ottawa. This company was later rebranded as BitAccess and it has been very strong since then, increasing the number of BTM to 100 in up to 18 countries.

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