What are Part time motor trade Insurances?? And how do you get them

The Part time motor trade insurance are the ones that are specifically designed for all those individuals who sell or repair cars in a much more casual manner. Typically those who work in the motor industry, in order to supplement their normal income are the ones who come under this kind of a policy. This policy can include selling, repairing and servicing of the vehicle during the weeks or weekends.

So like a standard part time motor trade insurance policy, the insurers might require to see all the trading activities. This is again done by providing all the receipts of a vehicles or the parts of the vehicle that you have used to repair. It is likely that you might also require to show the minimum number of vehicles that you have repaired or have been selling. Though the figure might be considerably than a normal trading policy but is all the same.

You might also come a few traders who will be taking the road risk insurance. And if you are not carrying out any trading activities in order to gain some profit, you will require a private car insurance. The car insurance policies are not just flexible in nature that you will also be working within the trade industry and not full time. And as such these are policies that are though very basic, do have many additional benefits for you like the providing coverage for you and your spouse, material damage, the public liability covers, single or multiple drivers, road risks and many more.

part time motor trade insurance

How do you get the cheap part of the time trade insurance??

You will be able to get the cheap part of time insurance traders depending on the number of years you have not gained the claim bonus. And if you have worked really very hard in order to build up your no claim bonus or either your private car or trade policy if you have been trading already then yes a policy is available more likely.

Having a trading done from a more secure and better kind of a place will also help you in doing this. And it’s always good to speak to an advisor if you are not sure.

Can you get a part time road risk policy?

Yes you can. Why not. In fact this is one of the most common types of trade part time policy that is actually taken out. A road risk kind of an insurance policy will help in covering all the vehicles that are under your possession, as well as the liability incase you choose to cover just the liability and not any premises. Infact most of the part time traders generally work from home and there for the premises cover is generally under the house insurance.

Can you also like all the others get a combined policy on part time basis?

You can but trust me it would turn out to be a bit expensive. And in case you are still wishing to do so and want to insure a premise that would just be used occasionally then we would strongly recommend you to first have a look at all the security measures and then go ahead with the process.

We hope that our blog has covered all the information that you required or wished to know. And hope that you get part time motor trade insurance at ease and without any difficulty, as getting them has never been an easy process.

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