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An agent registered is the person of your name to whom you can receive service of process and other documents that are served to the company. Registration as a registered agent is required whenever you are filing organizational papers (or the articles) to create an entity such as a corporation, LLC, LP, LLP or similar types of entities.When your company is operating in states that require your business to “qualify” (file the document that grants them the authority to conduct Northwest registered agent LLC review business as a registered business entity) an agent registered with the state must be named. A lot of times, business owners choose to appoint a relative or employee who is in the state for them as their representative. Why should you think about paying the annual fees that an agent registered with a company costs?

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The registered agent you choose is made public record. The address and name for the agent can be easily accessed via the Internet. This means that their personal data is available to anyone who has Northwest registered agent LLC review access through any Internet connection. A distance of thousands of miles from the place where your company is registered, a person can get the information like the address and name of your agent in their home! It’s not the only source from which such information is available. A quick search of the files of the filing office is accessible to anyone who walks into the office. Thus, naming someone an agent will publish the name of their agent and his address on an area that can be easy to access.

Documents served are served by a peace official or paid process servers. Large multinational companies employ professional registered agents to prevent the annoyance that can arise when customers or employees are witnesses to legal summonses being served. Many people have the belief that the registered agent’s identity doesn’t matter since they aren’t planning to receive a summons. While this might be the case, we live in a society that is litigious where lawsuits are the norm. While we may all believe that we’ll never be part of a legal case It is quite common to speak to a process server.


What would you feel if employees, customers or suppliers were in your business premises and a process server walked in. Keep in mind that even if the lawsuit is not warranted or does not merit, documents have to be delivered. If your employees and customers are present when the documents Northwest registered agent LLC review are served, what impression or impression will they create when they encounter an uniformed police officer handing out legal documents to your company.

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